Recovery Through Torah's Testimonials

A letter written to Rabbi Mintz

Rabbi Yehuda Mintz saved my life and he does not even know my name! I was a married middle aged Ben Torah working in klei kodesh seemingly living an idyllic Torah lifestyle. However I had a major challenge that plagued me day and night. Every two weeks or so I was attacked by cravings to act out and no matter what I tried I could not fight these cravings. I fought for 21 years! (from 16 till 37)

I begged two of my Rabbaim in yeshiva for help. I reached out to two well-known Torah leaders. I tried smoking cigarettes to change my cravings to a "kosher" outlet. I had a psychologist prescribe calming medications. I bought a DVD player so I could watch kosher movies to calm myself. I made many nedarim and shevuos. Out of desperation I reached out to my wife for help. Nothing worked... Sure I had good months and bad months, sometimes even going 2-4 months at a time without acting out, however, my issue was always on my mind ready to pounce and it always won out no matter what I tried.

One day I saw an ad in Mishpacha Magazine that encouraged those with internet addictions to give him a call and see if he could help. Rabbi Mintz explained that what I had was an addiction and he gave me the tools to overcome it!

This was about a year ago. I feel as if I have awoken from a nightmare. I can live life again. I now have a real relationship with my wife; I now have a real relationship with my kids. I now have a real relationship with society.

Rabbi Mintz taught me how to have a real relationship with Hashem. I’m sure that there are many yidden out there like I was, who are caught in the vicious cycle of addiction. Please help Rabbi Mintz get the word out that there is a tried and true way to stop. That way is through a relationship with Hashem. Allow Rabbi Mintz to share with them the secret.

- From a very grateful sober husband, father, son, and member of the yeshiva world

Saw your ad in the magazine. I am married with kids and you could say have an addiction to the internet (not the kosher sights). I am Orthodox and not happy going down that path.. What is the 12 step program and could it help me with this."
- L.P., Jerusalem

I'm an Orthodox boy with and un-Orthodox problem. My L'Chaim's are out of control - they have become more like L'moves. I need Help! - N.R., Monsey, NY

I'm 25 years old and happily married, but I am suffering from a sex addiction. Not having control over my sex habits. I have enjoyed a SA meeting around six months ago and have seen some improvement. I want to know what you have to offer and how to go about it. Thank you in advance!!!
- Z.B., Williamsburgh

You can't imagine how it is to live an empty life like this doing these things...- B.K., Los Angelas

I have a great wife and kids and I love them so much...its like total death living like this. - G.L., London

I'm 38 years old frum black hat, married with kids...and have a major problem - I start my day with DAF Yomi and head straight to the Atlantic City casinos 6 days a week - Baruch Hashem for Shabbos.- R.A., Brooklyn

I have not gone all the way and I don't want to...I need to get help!! As not to hurt my family with these issues...Any ideas???
- M.M., Lakewood

As I said I'm 38 biz exec and own my own company and I travel often and don't want to get in trouble, if you know what I mean. - H.T., Baltimore